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In 2009 Diane Elshout wrote her thesis Researching Bodies. If you are interested to read the full text of Researching Bodies, please mail Diane Elshout at d.elshout@researchingbodies.com
You can find the
synopsis HERE
Diane Elshout was nominated for the TIN-TheaterScriptiePrijs 2011. You can read the words of the jury:


A research about the implicit and explicit ideas, assumptions and presuppositions of the body in contemporary choreographic research

In my masters thesis, I analyze the work and ideas of two contemporary choreographers Giulia Mureddu and Kenzo Kusuda, in order to identify and analyze how their modes of creating and thinking imply cultural and historically specific ideas, assumptions and presuppositions with regards to  body-mind relationships. I demonstrate how these ideas influence their choreographic research. Furthermore, I demonstrate how their ideas and choreographic practices may be contextualized historically within the various conceptualizations of the  body-mind relationships that have influenced western European thought.

researching bodies